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Farm Rescue operates solely on the generosity of others. We are funded entirely through grants, sponsorships from businesses and organizations, and donations sent from individuals across the country.

Donations are made by people just like you, who provide annual gifts of $20 to $100 or more. Donors are also able to honor the memory of a loved one through a "Memorial" or "In Honor" donation. Support comes in all shapes and sizes from places near and far, but it all contributes to a singular cause:  Maintaining the livelihood of family farmers and ranchers.

Neighbors helping neighbors is not a new concept in agriculture, but it has become increasingly difficult in today's world. As operations grow and windows to complete the work get smaller, Farm Rescue's mission becomes all the more important. Whether you have ties to agriculture or not, you can still make a difference in the lives of those who grow our daily bread!

Farm Rescue is truly thankful for all donations that keep our volunteers in the field and families on the land!


FARM RESCUE SPONSOR - North Star Community Credit Union


FEATURED VOLUNTEERS - Clay & Bill Robertson


Farm Rescue 2019 - Rock Lake, ND