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Previously Assisted Farmers & Ranchers

2008 Assisted Farmers

The following families were assisted by Farm Rescue in 2008:

David & Laurie Becking
Open Heart Surgery

Carter & Barbara Berg
Cancer Treatment

Jason Cayko
Spinal Cord Injury

Duane Clark
Broken Collarbone

Joel Erickson
Back Surgery

Norman & Gerri Fleck
Multiple Broken Bones

Tom Glatt
Heart Surgery

Paul Grilley
Broken Leg

Paul & Donna Henderson
Fell from Grain Dryer

Frank & Ruth Holzer
Cancer Treatment

Jack & Becky Horner
Back Surgery

Stan Horst
Broken Leg

Damian & Martha Kappenman

Michael Klipfel
Open Heart Surgery

Dean Knodel
Knee Surgery

Kevin Korus
Broken Elbow/Wrist

Nathan Leier
Back Surgery

Jack & Karen Lueck
Heart Bypass

Phillip & Donna Moen
Car Accident

Shane Oakland
Cancer Treatment

Richard & Peggy Olson
Caught in PTO

Brian & Patricia Paul
Emergency Appendectomy

Edward Scherr
Open Heart Surgery

Ida & LeRoy Scherr
Kidney Transplant

Elmer & Grace Scott
Heart Bypass

Todd & Brenda Seehafer
Shattered Leg

Stan & Rose Stabler
Cancer Treatment

Gary & Sandra Stern
Kidney Dialysis

Brent & Angela Strand
Stroke Recovery

Paul & Janice Streich
Ran Over by Combine

Arlen & Jennifer Vollmer
Fluid Around Lung

Duane Wagner
Caught in Equipment

Brad & Jill Weber
Stroke Recovery

Terry & Stephanie Wicks
Spinal Cord Disorder

Gene Wilson
Severe Facial Injuries

Reed & Kathleen Zimmerman
Automobile Accident


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